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Turning Mountains of information into usable data

They're Data Consultants are optimisation specialists and we have been applying statistical data modelling techniques to business problems for over 20 years. This has included the fields of Communications, Logistics and more recently Advertising and Marketing.
Since June 2006 we have been working with media agencies to assist with data analysis, modelling and statistical interpretation of advertising data for a variety of clients. This includes companies representing many of Australia's most well known and recognized brands. By adding more science and predictive analytics to the results of marketing campaigns, we have been able to fine tune and enhance the agency's contributions to their clients to ensure target markets are reached more efficiently.

They're, data solutions, Groundhog They're Training is an RTO (ID 40460) that currently assesses trainees in the AVI30408 and AVI40408 Cert III / IV in Aviation (Ground Operations and Service)
Trainees from Virgin Australia, Rex Airlines and other aviation related businesses are signed up to develop competency in Ground Handling.
For more information, access our Training Site via the logo on the left
They're, data solutions, Groundhog Groundhog is an internet based, Staff management, rostering and reporting system that enables Port performance to be linked to Staff training and currency.
This enables the Port operator to ensure compliance with training requirements while being proactive in ensuring any problems are tracked and addressed thanks to the linked roster-performance capability. The system also records and calculates additional statistics that aren't normally part of the Airline's standard data capture suite. Access more information via the logo here.